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Pacaya Volcano & Laguna de Calderas National Park

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  • Category: Sights & Attractions
  • Type: Volcano / Park
  • Region: The Pacific, Guatemala
  • Location: San Vicente, Pacaya
  • Avg Price: Q50 - $8 p/p
Pacaya Volcano & Laguna de Calderas National Park


Ever climbed an active volcano? This is your opportunity! If you are visiting Guatemala and want a unique adventure, going to Pacaya Volcano National Park and hiking the volcano is undoubtedly something to add on your must do list.

Pacaya Volcano was declared a National Park on July 20, 1963. The park comprises a total of 2,065 hectares, and within this area the Laguna de Calderas (Lake) is situated in the former crater. The Laguna de Calderas currently provides potable water to 11 communities and 10,000 inhabitants.

Pacaya Volcano rises to an elevation of 2,552 metres (8,373 ft) and out of all 33 volcanoes within Guatemala, it is the most visited and hiked volcano in the Country. Learn about the interesting history and fun facts about Pacaya Volcano by making a guided hike. The first part of the hike takes you into humid forests in a gentle stroll, and as you get higher, the climbing becomes steeper. Once you reach the volcano summit you will find volcanic sand and rock, and you might be able see lava flowing and sulfur clouds of smoke! Depending on the flow amount, you can get close enough to poke sticks into the lava and watch them catch on fire!


General Details

  • Open Daily from 07:00AM to 19:00PM (16:30 Last hour to climb)
  • Admission Fees (Foreigners): Q50 per person (about US$8)
  • Admission Fees (Nationals): Q20 per person
  • Guides: Required for 1st time visitors
  • Local Guide Fee: About Q100 / $15 for 1-14 people (Only Spanish)
  • Camping: Not Allowed
  • Horses available for Q100 o/w or Q200 r/t
  • Avg Hike Length: 3-4 Hours
  • Website:
  • Contact: Gofolklore (+502) 7832-2153 / 55

Agent Notes

  1. Location - How to get there? Pacaya National Park is located in the municipality of San Vicente Pacaya in the department of Escuintla (Central Guatemala). It is about a 1 hour drive from Guatemala City or Antigua Guatemala  See Google location map below for a reference and general directions!

  2. Know before you GO: This experience is perfect for anybody that desires a little adventure and hiking. No experience required - Difficulty of hike is moderate and is optimal for children over 10 years and adults. Horses are available for those that prefer a less difficult ride up (see horse fees), but horses don't reach the summit. Temperature in the early morning and late afternoon can get cold so make sure to bring comfortable, warm clothing and walking/hiking shoes. Don't forget bottled water and your camera! Visits can be made any time of year in the mornings or afternoons (Last hour to climb is 16:30PM). Afternoon visits are great to see sunsets. Rainy season is from May to October so plan your trip preferably in the early morning to try to avoid any rain showers. Please note that Lava or Lava Rivers are NOT always present, as this will depend entirely on the volcanoes daily activity. Guides: Local guides are available at the Park entrance and one will be provided to you accordingly. Guides are usually required for first time visitors unless you are accompanied by an experienced friend or guide. Local guides only speak Spanish and will be provided to you from start to finish. They can relate geological, environmental, and general information about this awesome volcano which first erupted approximately 23,000 years ago.

  3. Contact us: If you have any questions about this experience, or have special requests (reservations, guided tours, transportation to the site from Guatemala City or Antigua Guatemala), please contact Gofolklore. We will be delighted to assist you!


Folklore Fact

Did You Know? The name of Pacaya Volcano comes from the town where it lies on, San Vicente Pacaya, a small rural town located in the department of Escuintla.


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