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Ruinas de la Ermita de Santa Cruz

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  • Category: Sights & Attractions
  • Type: Church / Ruins
  • Region: Central Guatemala
  • Location: Antigua Guatemala
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Ruinas de la Ermita de Santa Cruz


The "Ruinas de la Hermita de Santa Cruz" is one of the oldest built churches in Antigua Guatemala. Its origins date back to 1664, when religious dominics requested permission to build a church in the "Barrio de Santa Cruz"(Santa Cruz Neighborhood).

The church suffered considerable damages in the earthquakes of 1717 and 1773 leaving it in ruins. The temple is not open to the public and you can only appreciate the frontal facade, which is a work of art. Visitors can still see in detail of its fascinating facade, and get a perspective of a colonial church that was considered one of the most beautiful in colonial Antigua.

It is a must visit while in Antigua because of its unique location and breathtaking scenic view surrounded by trees. It is know used for cultural events, theater and concerts, which are presented in the old atreus located between the church and public seating area, which give spectators a spectacular view.

Agent Notes

  1. Location - How to get there? The Ruinas de la Ermita de Santa Cruz is located on the edge of the historic district of Antigua Guatemala. It is on Calle Chipilapa, and to get there you have to walk about 7-8 blocks east of the Central Plaza. See google location map for directions!

  2. Know before you GO: This ruined church is one of Gofoklore's favorite churches in Antigua. It is rarely frequented by tourists because it's not amongst the more popular ones, but it undoubdetly deserves a visit. Although it is not open to the public, visitors can get a glimpse of what once was a beautifully constructed small church. It has a spectacular view because it is highlighted in the background by nature - which make it a great picture opportunity. The visit will only take about 5-10 minutes, and make sure to check event listings while in Antigua and if a concert or theater performance is happening in this location it would be a great venue.

  3. Contact us: If you have any questions about this attraction/monument, or have special requests (transportation to the site, guided tours in Antigua, or an event calendar) please contact Gofolklore. We will be delighted to assist you!


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